Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Milwaukee Area Moms Unite!

I am president this year of this wonderful club, Suburban West Newcomers and Neighbors.  It is an amazing group of women and I am so grateful to have found this group. 

When Joe and I moved to New Berlin, we were parents to only one child, soon to be pregnant with our second.  We were the first couple to have a baby in our group of friends, and we lost touch with many of them.  We were at a different point in our lives.  We couldn't go out at a moments notice anymore.  We felt kinda isolated.  So we started looking for a church that suited our needs.  We soon came across this beautiful church in Elm Grove, Community United Methodist Church.

We were immediately welcomed into the church family and were given a "mentor" couple.  Now, I'm not one to get too "churchy" on people, but I do think God paired us up with this couple for a reason.  We are very good friends with Leslie and Jake to this day.  Leslie introduced me to many other moms and we discovered that we lived right in the same neighborhood. (They have since moved to another house, but are still in the metro-Milwaukee area.)  And here's where the story all fits together...

Leslie told me about a club she belonged to...Suburban West Newcomers. (We just recently added "Neighbors" to the title so established residents didn't feel like they couldn't join.)  Leslie was the co-chair of the Kids Club portion of the group, and I quickly joined because of this.  I needed to get out of the house on my days off and meet new people, give my kids a chance to socialize with children their age, and just be around other mothers!

I became very involved in the club and the following year became co-chair of Kids Club, with Anne, a newer member of the club.  Anne and I had a wonderful year planning outings, parties, and play groups.  Anne and I are now close friends, and she introduced me to Mom-to-Mom, a large group of mothers that meet every Wednesday morning at Brookfield Lutheran Church.  I get two hours of fellowship, learning, conversation, etc. all while my children are being taken care of in another room!  But this is a whole other post! 

Getting back to Newcomers...so now this year, I am president of the entire club.  A daunting task, but one I'm willing to take on.  I want to see this club succeed and flourish.  I want other women to join and feel welcome, just like I did.  We do so many fun things!  Ladies Night Out, where we try new restaurants, go to wine tastings, explore the city, and so much more!  And now we have Ladies Night In, where we watch movies, play games, do crafts, whatever!  Once a month we usually have a couples event so we can get the husbands involved...sometimes against their will.  But secretly, I like the like being forced into having other male friends!  We have a gourmet cooking/dinner event called Bon Appetit, which is starting to get up and running again.

I'll say it again...I am just so grateful for the women I have met.  I look forward to all of the different events throughout the month.  I have developed many strong friendships because of this club! 

Just a few of the ladies at our annual picnic

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