Monday, March 31, 2008

A little bit anxious...

I had my second OB appointment this morning. I had to take Ella along since I didn't have anybody to babysit...I'll have to plan a bit more in advance for the next time! My doctor decided to move my due date up to October 19th, which makes me 11 weeks and 1 day. She told me since I was close to 12 weeks, she would attempt to locate the heartbeat, but I had to promise not to "wig out" if she couldn't find it. Well guess what? She couldn't find it. And guess what else? I'm wigging out. I have to go back in 1 week when I am truely 12 weeks and she will try again. If not successful, I will have to have another ultrasound to see what's going on. I'm sure everything is okay, but I can't help but worry.

On a more positive note, I am beginning to feel better and some days I even have an appetite! I haven't had to miss any work luckily. The other day I did have to step out of a patient's room and get some air because I definitely thought I was going to be sick. But, crisis averted, it passed.

Ella seems to have recovered from her ear infections and is beginning to talk up a storm. She is saying, "Momma, Dada, Bumpers, walk, coat, hat, more, all done, uh-oh, no, wa-wa (water), toot, and poop." The last two crack me up whenever she says them. Her newest thing is to shake her head and say "no" to whatever I ask her, even if it's, "Do you want another cookie?" I don't think she quite understands the concept!

I'll post an update in a week after my next appointment. Send us good thoughts!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Scare with Ella

We've had quite the eventful weekend! Last Wednesday Ella had a fever, nothing bad, she just felt warm. It seemed to go down during the day on Thursday, and she was acting like her normal self. Running around, getting into everything! That night we gave her a bath and she screamed the entire time, very unlike Ella. When we got her out and wrapped her up in the towel, she snuggled into me and almost fell asleep on my shoulder. (While we were sitting on the bathroom floor. Quite comfortable!) She went to bed fine and I figured she would be okay on Friday. Wrong! Ella woke up at 3:00am and felt extremely hot. I woke up Joe and we took her temperature. Shockingly, it was 105 degrees! We called her pediatrician, who told us to take her to Children's Hospital ER. By the time we got here, her temperature had decreased to 103.6. At first the doctor thought she maybe had a urinary tract infection, since she didn't have any other symptoms except the high fever. Then he looked in her ears and discovered she had an ear infection. So he started her on amoxicillian and told us to follow up with our pediatrician in 2-3 days, which brings us to today. We went to the doctor this morning and it looks like she still has the ear infections, and the amoxicillian caused a rash, so we had to start a new antibiotic, Zithromax, for 5 more days. Needless to say, Ella is NOT a happy camper. The doctor suggested giving some Benadryl for the rash, which I did a bit earlier, and Ella has been sleeping ever since! I sure hope she wakes up soon, or we have a late night ahead of us.

My best friend from childhood, Andrea, came to visit this weekend. She's Ella's Godmother, but since she lives in Ohio, we don't see each other very often. Andrea hadn't seen Ella since her baptism! Unfortunately, Ella wasn't feeling good and was pretty grumpy all weekend. She threw in a few tantrums just for kicks...sorry Ange! :) Hopefully next time Ella wont be sick!

No new baby news at this point. I still feel like crap most of the time, which isn't fun at all. Last week I had to call work and come in 2 hours late because I felt so sick. I really hope this passes as I near the 2nd trimester. It's nice having 2 other friends pregnant right now and due at the same time, so we can all go through it together. Thanks guys!

Monday, March 10, 2008

More Ultrasound Pictures

Ultrasound Day

I went to get my first ultrasound today, to confirm pregnancy and gestational age. We were able to see the heartbeat instantly! It was so neat! It's just as exciting and surreal as the first time. According to my calculations and the doctor's, I should be 7 weeks, 4 days along. According to the ultrasound and measurements, I'm 8 weeks, 1 day (+/- 5 days) which puts us right back to 7 weeks, 3 days. So, my dute date could still be October 24th or it could be October 19th. My next appointment is March 31st, so we'll see what the doctor decides. Who delivers on their due date anyways??? The baby is measuring 16 mm from "crown to rump." Love the term! To the right of the baby you can see a circle, which is the yolk sac. This gives the baby nutrients until the placenta is fully developed. During my last pregnancy, my blood platelet count was low, so I will be getting blood draws each appointment to check my levels. This first blood draw showed my platelet count at 137. The low end of normal is 150-300, so I'm still below normal, but asymptomatic, which means no worries at this point.

I'd like to take a moment to congratulate my good friend Christine and her husband Andy on the birth of their baby boy, Daniel James. He was born March 5th, tipping the scales at 9 pounds, 14 ounces! Holy cow!

Monday, March 3, 2008

First OB Appointment

I went to my first OB appointment this morning. After driving around the parking structure without any luck, I decided to take advantage of the valet services. Somehow, I made it on time and got into the room on time. And then I waited. For 30 minutes. Finally my doctor came in and asked lots of questions and gave me lots of information. Even though I've heard it all before, it was still a bit overwhelming! She confirmed that I am indeed pregnant and had the nurse take SIX tubes of blood! I have an ultrasound scheduled a week from today to confirm my due date, which the doctor said is October 24th. It all feels very real now and very exciting! I will try to post the ultrasound pictures next week sometime.