Thursday, February 28, 2008

Garbage Can Saves the Day!

I'd like to tell a funny story that happened on Tuesday. It wasn't funny at the time, but looking back, it's a little humorous. Here it goes...

This past weekend I began to feel sick to my stomach, and not just in the morning. It wasn't really that bad, just noticeable. I got up for work on Tuesday and got in the shower like usual. Almost immediately, I started to get dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out. Luckily, we have a built-in bench in the shower, so I sat down. (Feeling like one of my elderly patients.) Then I started to feel really nauseous. And I panicked. Here I am, sitting on the bench, water running, head spinning, and about to throw up. Then my hero walks in. (That would be Joe.) He sees me sitting on the bench and asks, "Are you okay?" I answer in a shaky voice, "Not really." "Do you need a bucket?" "I think so," I say. I hear Joe scrambling around to find a "bucket." I don't think we really thought I would say yes! He runs back with an empty garbage can and hands it over the shower door. And just in time. I'll end the story there. Needless to say, the garbage can has found a permanent home next to the shower, just in case. A plastic shopping bag also has a new home in my car for the next 8 months.

I decided to tell my physical therapy partner Jessica after I had to leave an evaluation to sit down to avoid throwing up in a patient bathroom. I think she'll understand now!

After my first appointment on March 3rd, Joe and I think we will start telling more people. Until then, I'll just keep updating my blog and people an read it from the beginning if they'd like.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"I'm gonna be a BIG SISTER!"

Okay, so I'll be 6 weeks pregnant tomorrow. 2 weeks ago we told my parents. I made Ella a shirt that said, "I'm gonna be a BIG SISTER!" I asked my mom to take off Ella's sweatshirt since she was going to eat.

My mom said, "Why?" I

said, "I don't want her to get dirty." (Yeah right.)

My mom clearly was reading the print on Ella's shirt,

but apparently it didn't register. She later told me she thought the shirt was a hand-me-down!

Then my dad strapped her into the highchair, which covered up some of the writing, and said, "Oh, what does your shirt say? I'm gonna be a big girl?"

Um no.

I replied, "No, that's not what it says."

Then my mom says, "That's not what it says Joe!" They FINALLY got it! My mom then proceeded to either have Ella wear the shirt when anyone came over or show the shirt. The secret's out!

Last weekend, we told Joe's parents in a similar way. When we got to their house, Joe's mom began to change Ella's diaper. (Gotta love grandparents!) Joe told his mom to take off Ella's sweatshirt since it was hot in the house. So she did, and slowly read the writing on Ella's shirt:

"I'm gonna be a big are?!?!?"

Joe's dad says, "Is she really?!?"

So now both sets of grandparents have found out they will be grandparents again.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here we go again!

Yep, that's right! The Dietrichs are expecting their second child at the end of October! A month after Ella turns two years old, we will have a newborn in our lives.

This was our plan, to have 2 kids, 2 years apart...who knew it would actually work out! It took almost a year to get pregnant with Ella, so imagine our surprise when it only took 4 months to get pregnant with baby #2! We are thrilled and still in shock.

I took a pregnancy test on February 11th and it was positive, so I called my OB/GYN and have my first appointment on March 3rd.

As I'm typing this, I am only about 3.5 weeks pregnant. I don't plan on actually posting this for a little while since it's so early. With Ella, I created a website, but wasn't very happy with the layout and uploading picture abilities. Thanks to my friend Christine, I've decided to try a blog. Add this address to your favorites and check back frequently. I'll try to update every couple of weeks or so.