Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Final Blog

I'm not even sure how many people read my blog, but for those of you who do, I'm sorry to say that this will be my last posting. Here are my reasons why:
1. Like scrapbooking, knowing that I have something unfinished makes me stressed out. Do I really need my blog to create MORE stress in my life? No.
2. My free time is spent...oh wait, that's right, I have no free time. :) Hehe!
3. I return to work on Tuesday. Even though it's only 2 days a week, it's going to be a big change at first.
4. And finally, most evenings are spent putting Nathan to bed. And "to bed" means, putting him in his crib, going downstairs, he wakes up, we go upstairs, calm him down, go back downstairs, rinse and repeat.

I plan on printing out many of my entries and putting them into Nathan's memory box. It's been neat having a blog for a while, but I'm done. I do really enjoy reading everyone else's blog though! So keep it up! :)

I will continue to post lots and lots of pictures on Snapfish, so you'll be able to see our lives in pictures rather than in words.

Just a brief update: Christmas was spent in Michigan. It was great to be with my parents for so long, and they had a blast with the grandkids. It was crazy, but as my mom put it, "a good crazy." I was able to see family and friends and introduce them all to Nathan. I finally met my the children of my friends, Jessica and Sarah. Noah and Halle are just adorable! I still need to meet Christine's son Danny, then I will feel complete! Our drive to Michigan was rough, but going back to Wisconsin was smooth sailing. I only had to climb into the back seat once. Thank God for mini-vans. (and mini-vans with DVD players!) New Years Eve was spent putting Nathan "to bed." (See above.) He rang in the new year with us and then stayed up another hour after that! He's just a party boy I guess. He gets cuter and cuter each day and gives us lots of smiles and coos. He loves looking at ceiling fans. No need for toys! Ella continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and cracks us up on a daily basis. I hope everyone has a wonderful 2009.