Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Lifesaver

That would be my husband.  He is truely my lifesaver.  He knew that I was having a challenging and frustrating time with our children, so he arranged for me to go visit my friend, Christine, in Seattle. Whatta guy, huh?  On November 4th, I fly into Seattle and will stay until November 7th.  Christine as lined up a day for just us girls...a visit to the spa, lunch, shopping...sounds devine, doesn't it?  I'm going to get the Warm Shea Butter Melt & Massage which is described as this:
Your cares melt away with the ultimate in hydration and nurturing relaxation. A nourishing sugar exfoliation is followed by a full-body warm shea butter massage. Enjoy a gentle facial cleanse and pressure point face and scalp massage while cocooned in a luxurious wrap. Because this is extraordinarily hydrating, it is wonderful for those with dry or sensitive skin. This premium therapy includes a Vichy shower.

What is a Vichy shower, you might ask?  Here is the desciption:

Our exclusive Vichy shower, which houses a triple rain bar and 14 massage jets to improve circulation, and revive your body and spirit.

So, needless to say, I am so super excited to go visit Christine...not just for the spa day! :)

After a long day of trying to keep my kids occupied, Joe swoops in to take over, giving me a much needed break.  I am so lucky to have a husband that is on the same page as me.  We really are equals, and I love that.

I do have to mention that my parents are my lifesavers as well.  I really don't know what I would do without them.  They are always available to help me if I need to run to the grocery store or the doctor, or if I just need a few minutes to breathe in peace and quiet!  I am so grateful and blessed that they moved to be closer to us!

Migraine update:

I think the new medication is working!  I take 900mg of gabapentin at night, and 300mg in the morning.  It makes me a little drowsy, but nothing I can't handle.  My migraines are less frequent and when I do get one, it is less intense and painful.  When I do get one, I take sumatriptan (generic Imitrex) or Treximet.  My neurologist wants to repeat the MRI in 6 months to make sure the white matter lesions haven't changed.  I am planning on getting a digital copy of the MRI and sending to my friend Gretchen, who is an MD specializing in radiology.  Lucky me, huh?  Can't hurt to have a second pair of eyes take a peek.  So yay, knock on wood, things are getting better!!!

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Sunny said...

If our relaxing girls day doesn't make you feel better, spending any amount of time in my house definitely will. You'll be like, "Well, it could be worse! I could be dealing with this bunch of monkeys!" ;) I am so excited for your visit, and not just for my own massage. Which won't nearly be as fabulous as yours, I am dying to hear about it when you are done!

And a big HOORAY for your awesome husband, who truly is a gem, and your wonderful parents, who are still my DH's favorite of any of our friends' parents. :)

Finally, glad to hear the new meds are working! I can only imagine how horrible the migraines have been for you. :P